Sunday, December 1, 2013

Updates on the Big Move

Hello folks,
So last time I posted I spoke about moving from Houston to New York City. I drove it over the course of 3 days with my wife. I also had two cats in the truck. That was super awesome. There were no cat dumps taken while driving, which I am thankful for. That would have been awful. Honestly the cats dealt with being caged up for 10 hours at a time quite well.

Moving past the cats, we had some good adventures on the long drive. 2 hours in we drove past a trucker in Louisiana that had, "Show driver your hooters" on the back of his 18 wheeler. The wife and I had a good laugh about that and thought it was a joke. We then passed the truck and saw a sign in the driver window that said, "Show me your Hooters." The driver had minimal teeth. My wife did not give him what he wanted. Day 1 ended shortly afterwards in Mobile, Alabama.

On day 2, I got pulled over for driving 87 in a 70 outside of Montgomery, Alabama. I was the lone wolf that wasn't driving 95 in the pack so I got stopped. I am all about being as diplomatic as possible, so I handed him my license and insurance and also admitted to speeding. "Sir" was used quite often in this exchange. He took my items and told me he would be back soon. He then looked at my truck and asked if we were moving. I told him yes we were, from Texas to New York, and that we had 2 cats in the truck. It looked as if he felt bad for us. He came back 10 minutes later with a warning and let me go. I shook his hand and said thanks. He told me to keep it close to 70. Diplomacy wins occasionally.

There are more adventures to come. I promise it gets more interesting than a cross-country drive with some cats.

Keep your heads up.

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  1. At first I thought you said cats in the "trunk." No way he lets you off had you said that.